The 2021 schedule is ready

The events schedule for 2021 has been drafted and is available on the Events page.

The zendo open with limitations

The zendo in the Copernicusstraat is open with limitations. Besides Helen and myself four people can participate in the in-house meditation sessions. Of course this requires the participants to abide by certain rules, which have been published and mailed to you already some time ago and which are available for reference in the house.
Whoever is present either in the zendo or on-line during the session when daisan is possible, will be invited to daisan although you are of course as always free to take up the invitation or not.

Reservations for the zendo / Login on Zoom

Since the recent tightening of the Corona-rules, we've returned to the reservation system for joining a session in the zendo. Via the link "Members" in the menu of the Dutch laguage site (or by clicking here) you can go to the login page for the members area. There you can find the login links and access codes for the zoom platform to join the meditation sessions and you will find the access for the reservation system and the instructions.
If you need a password to gain access to the members area, send an email to info@zenheart.nl.

Week program almost entirely back to normal

Go to the page "Weekly schedule" to see the program. Only the study group will not be restarted as yet.

Zen Heart Sangha