Summer break until

The summer break of the Zen Heart Sangha will last, if nothing untoward happens, until the start of the summer sesshin in Holten (which will be held from Monday August 17th to Sunday August 23rd). And on Monday August 24th the zendo in the Copernicusstreet will re-open again.

The zendo opens as normal (with a few exeptions)

As of July 6th the zendo in the Copernicusstraat will be back to normal (with a few exeptions). Besides Helen and myself seven people can participate in the in-house meditation sessions. Of course this requires the participants to abide by a few rules, which have been published and mailed to you already some time ago and which are available for reference in the house.
Until now, we've used a reservation system that was designed to prevent us getting overbooked, but sofar we've never reached full capacity during the week so making reservations is no longer required and the system will be disabled as of now.
Making reservations for daisan is also no longer neccesary. Whoever is present either in the zendo or on-line during the session when daisan is possible, will be invited to daisan although you are of course as always free to take up the invitation or not.

Sesshins and Zazenkai in 2020

On the calendar page of the website you can find the schedule for the coming months. Participation is possible both in-house and on-line, because on-line participation will remain possible until at least the end of this year.

Participation in on-line meditation, dharma-talks and sangha-circles

If you follow the link for "Members" in the menu of the Dutch web site, you will be taken to the login page that gives access to all the links for on-line sessions. You can obtain a login name and password by sending an email to info@zenheart.nl.

Week program almost entirely back to normal

Go to the page "Weekly schedule" to see the program. Only the study group will not be restarted as yet.

Closing the Help-Platform

The Help-Platform will be shut down. In the past weeks no activity has taken place there any more. The Sangha FaceBook page will remain active as a platform. If you need help from the Sangha, then please contact me directly.

Zen Heart Sangha