The ZHS Code of Conduct

In the recent past, numerous cases of serious abuse and misconduct in Buddhist organisations and communities have come to light. These cases and their consequences have touched me deeply and have been the main reason for developing this code. Primarily because they caused a lot of disappointment, confusion, upheaval and pain. But also because of the erosion of trust in the Buddha way, while there are so many practitioners and teachers, who are trying to practice in deep mutual trust and commitment, and who have to deal with a completely understandable mistrust in society. I hope with all my heart, that this code will not be seen as a further confirmation of the necessity of this mistrust, but that it may help in some small way to protect and deepen the trust that we have in each other within our community.
As the resident teacher of the Zen Heart Sangha I will try my utmost, to maintain the conduct described in this code and I hope that the members and the board of the sangha will support and help me to maintain it well.

The White Plum Asangha has established a model Code of Ethical Conduct (CEC) which has been partly incorporated in this text. But after consideration of the CEC and talking about it with people close to me and especially my teacher Genno Pagès Roshi, I concluded that I wanted to return to the precepts, to the vows I received with all my heart during my lay ordination and again when I received transmission.

Through this link the Zen Heart Sangha Code of Conduct can be downloaded.