Change in week schedule 5 - 16 February

From Monday February 5th until Friday February 16th (so two weeks in total) the zendo schedule will be somewhat limited. The zendo will be open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (20 to 22 hrs) and on the Friday mornings (10 to 12). Tuesday and Thursday mornings the zendo will be closed during these two weeks and the study group will not take place either. Interviews and Dharma-talks will be provided by Bart van Lent and Jeroen Bosch. When the zendo is open we will also be available online.

Sesshin February 22 to 25, 2024

From Thursday February 22 to Sunday February 25th we will be conducting a three day retreat in our Zendo in The Hague. We will start Thursday evening at 18.00 hrs with a light meal followed by a start meeting and meditation from 20.00 hrs to 21.20 hrs. Friday and Saturday we will follow the usual sesshin schedule from 7.00 to 21.20 hrs. On Sunday we start at 7.00 hrs and end at around 17.00 hrs. The schedule includes sitting and walking meditation, personal interviews with Sensei (daisan) and dharma-talks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can also participate part time and through the Zoom platform.
If you have questions or would like to register send an email to